Pastor Fatai Olushola Jubril was born into a devout Muslim family in the South-Western part of Nigeria. He is the only child that his mother who is from the Northern part of Nigeria had with the father. A man of God prophesied to him during his teenage years that one-day young Fatai would be a full-time gospel minister. His calling into ministry is unique as God showed him a cage in the form of a church. Resting on the cage were God’s Holy Hands and a background voice telling him “This is where I want you to serve me throughout the rest of your life”.

The dream was a catalyst for a huge Christian transformation in the life of Pastor Jubril as he, against the wishes of his strict Muslim father, would leave home to attend weeklong revival and crusade activities. It was at these numerous evangelical rallies that Pastor Jubril was influenced into serving God by many men and women of God in Nigeria and around the world, He took series of Bible courses in pursuance to his calling.

Pastor Jubril left the shores of Africa to the USA in late 80’s. God ordained his coming to America, through intercessory prayers for individuals, the Lord rewarded him. He continued the work of God as a Pastor in the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) in Washington DC until the early 90’s. He was a co-founder and a resident Pastor of Seek Ye Evangelical Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1998 to 2000.

Pastor Fatai O. Jubril is the founding Pastor and the General Overseer of Universal Christian Ministries, a church he established in 2001. And the flame of evangelism has spread to far away African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda, and Rwanda. The Universal Christian Ministries, international headquarters in St. Paul aka “The Solution Center” has served as a solution center to many who may be plagued and troubled by the devil through affliction, disease, challenges and other kinds of spiritual trouble. The weekly Friday vigil attracts people from all folds of life and its power packed Sunday service, is a place where your life cannot remain the same whenever you attend. He has dedicated his life to the Deliverance Ministry casting out demons from those under satanic bondage and restoring health to the sick through the healing power of the Holy Ghost. Fondly referred to as “ Daddy” by his beloved congregation, Pastor Fatai O. Jubril is bringing thousands of lost souls to salvation. Praying for the world peace and food abundance for the world’s poor are his everyday prayer points.

The distinct nature of Pastor Fatai Jubril, has elected him to be consecrated by the council of bishops of the US on September 23rd, 2017. Pastor Fatai Jubril married to Kudirat Jubril, also known as “Prophetess Mary” a prophetess and coworker in the vineyard of God. They are blessed with three children, Maria, Rachel and Joshua; Several spiritual sons and daughters in the Lord who may not be biological children but call them Daddy and Mummy.

Prophetess Mary Jubril is the anointed wife, prophetess and partner of the general overseer of Universal Christian ministries- Bishop Fatai Jubril and fellow coworker in the vineyard of God, She work in the office of the prophet with precision and fire. She is a great mother in Israel, we celebrate our assistant general overseer.
Pastor Mary Jubril also known as “Prophetess Mary” is married to Bishop Fatai Jubril. They are blessed with three children, Maria, Rachel, and Joshua; Several spiritual sons and daughters in the Lord who may not be biological children but call her Mummy.